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Learn Hockey, A to Z

Everything from Assist to Zamboni


An assist is awarded to a player for helping a teammate score a goal by passing the puck. Player's stats track "points" which include the count for both goals and assists.


The ice hockey rink is sometimes referred to as the barn. "It is a barn-burner tonight in here!"


A beginner who's ankles bend inward. Be sure to tie your skates tight and practice standing up tall on those edges! Not to be confused with a Duster.

Blue Line

There are two blue lines that define the offensive zone. The puck must enter before an team can enter their offensive zone, or else they are offsides. If they are offsides a faceoff occurs outside of the zone, near the blue line.


A hockey puck. Also called 'the black biscuit'.


A player who lines up at center ice for faceoffs. This player tries to win the faceoff, chases the puck everywhere, and is focused on scoring goals with the two other forwards.


The top part of the red metal goal. You'll hear a loud 'ding' if you hit a side post or the crossbar, so make sure you snipe it under the crossbar!


Teeth, often referred to missing teeth. "He's lost a few chicklets, ey?"


Two players line up closer to their own goalie, with the focus of trying to stop the other team from skating in and scoring. They stay near the blue line to keep the puck in their zone when on offense.


A player who is not very good, often on the bench, etc. A Duster is a slight step up from a Bender.

Five Hole

A space between the goalie's leg pads, the 5th target to shoot at the goalie on, hence the name 5-hole.

Hockey Goalie


A player who stands in front of the goal to block pucks. Goalies need to wear extra pads and be quick to react to shots from five opposing players on the ice. Also called a Netminder.


A player who's main goal is to rough people up, intimidate and fight. A goon usually spends his time in the penalty box.
Goon Skull Hockey Sticker design

Hat Trick

What is a Hat Trick...?
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Left Wing

A forward player who lines up to the left of the center. This player is focused on scoring goals with the other two offensive teammates.


A quick shot, taken immediately after the pass of another player. A goalie has little time to react and reset their position.

Penalty Box

This is like a timeout area for players. A penalty can send you to timeout for 2 minutes (minor penalty), 4 minutes (double-minor) or 5 minutes (fighting). Your team may also end up with one less player on the ice, so you don't want to go in the box!


Small disc made of vulcanized rubber. 6oz standard weight, blue pucks are for beginners. Learn about blue pucks on our YouTube channel

Right Wing

A forward player who lines up to the right of the center. This player is focused on scoring goals with the other two offensive teammates.


When a goalie plays the entire game without allowing a goal scored against him or her.


A powerful shot, by swinging the stick far back and slapping down on the puck. The sheer speed of the puck gives the goalie no time to react.


A player who shoots with great accuracy, especially through a small opening. To 'snipe' is to score a goal in a small opening past the goalie.

Top Shelf

Scoring a goal high up on the net is called scoring 'top shelf'. You have to aim the puck above the goalie's blocker or glove, in which case you're probably a sniper.

Wayne Gretzky

"The Great One". Wayne Gretzky was the GOAT (greatest of all time). Wayne holds numerous records in the NHL, and is likely to never be rivaled for total career points. Wayne retired with 2,857 points and 50 hat tricks! The NHL has retired his famous jersey number, 99.

Wrist Shot

A quick and accurate shot, by flicking the wrists of both hands in opposite directions to generate some power while maintaining control.


A machine that drives on top of the ice to melt and smooth it out. The Zamboni comes out after each period of play and usually gives a ride to one lucky fan too! It is named after the inventor, Frank Zamboni.


A nickname for hockey referees, based on their black and white stripes. Other nicknames include Three Blind Mice, Johnny Law, Law and Order, Linesman, Ref.