Dry your hockey gear fast!

We show you how to build a simple DIY drying rack for your hockey equipment using only PVC pipes.

Step-by-Step Instructions

You can build a complex structure, or just a basic frame drying rack for your youth hockey gear Plus get tips on machine washer and dryer options.

Step 1: Buy some PVC

Get about twenty feet of 3/4 inch or 1/2" PVC pipe, several corner and cap pieces at your local hardware store.

  • 20 feet of 1/2" or 3/4"PVC (two 10 foot segments)
  • 8-10 "L" shaped corner pieces
  • 4 "T" shaped pieces
  • 2 "X" cross shaped pieces
  • 4 cap end pieces

Estimated total cost: $50

Tools: Power saw or hacksaw, safety glasses, parent/guardian. Safety first! Note: PVC particles make a mess when you saw, so plan to cut in a spot that you can easily clean up. Have a vaccum handy.

Step 2: Build the base

After you've cut your PVC into the sizes you need (see diagram), build the floor frame/base with 90o corners and T-shaped pieces. Twist the vertical bar pieces to point up from the ground to begin building vertically.

Step 3: Build up & stabilize

You'll want at least two bars connecting the left and right side to stabilize the structure. You can then build smaller arms off of sections to create more spots to hang things on.

Step 4: Cap & finish

Cap any open ends so that you don't have rough cut edges touching the fabric of your equipment. You can also use L or T pieces for custom arm extensions on your rack. A wider cap like a "T" piece tends to work well for hanging a helmet on, etc.

Step 5: Hang your gear!

You should now be able to hang an entire set of youth-sized gear on your new rack. The PVC should come apart with a little force, so you can always reconfigure how your rack is setup, too.

Drying rack how-to diagram infographic

Watch us Hang Gear to Dry

Can hockey gear go in a washing machine or dryer?

If needed, much of your gear can be machine washed and air (or machine-tumbled) low heat dry setting. Check your tags or the manufacturer's website for details before running your gear through the wash.

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Drying & Odor tips

Take your gear out of your bag as soon as you get home, and hang it up to dry. Consider spraying a scented disinfectant to help kill any bacteria and reduce odors. Your gear should be dry in under 4 hours when hanging up in a cool dry space. If you need things to dry faster, place a small camping fan or large box fan nearby to help improve circulation of air.

Whatever you do, don't leave the bag in your car, truck or van. Gloves, shin guards, breezer pants and skates can all get odor problems quickly. And definitely don't leave it in a hot garage!

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