The Hockey Kids

How should you pick the right hockey stick?

We teach you how to start out with a flat stick, selecting a curved stick, and how to tape your stick.

Step 1: Start with a flat stick

Beginners should start with a flat stick before deciding on playing with a left-hand or right-hand stick. After a few times of playing, a beginner will start to hold the stick to one side or the other, and that's when it makes sense to buy a curved stick.

Try your dominant hand at the top of the stick, but then switch sides if it feels better. There's no right or wrong at this stage.

Step 2: Buy a curved stick

After 3 or 4 times of playing, you’ll prefer a lefty or righty stick. Now is a good time to get a curved stick. The curve of the stick will allow for better puck control and shot accuracy.

Curved hockey stick guide

Step 3: Cut to size and tape your new curved stick

A stick should always be the right length so it's not too long or too short. For kids, a stick that's too long can be heavy and difficult to control, especially if it's made of wood instead of a lighter composite material.

Cut the stick so that it's about the height of your nose when wearing shoes. The stick should be up to your chin when standing on skates. This will give you a good reference point.

The last step is to tape up your new stick, and hit the ice!

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