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Bulid a Pass Rebounder!

Watch the video to see how different pucks react on our indoor tiles. Plus, read below as we show you how to build a rebounder for pass practice at home with common items from your local hardware store -- all for around $20!

See Step-by-Step Instructions

Items Needed:

  • 16" x 36" White Shelf ($11)
  • 4 bolts, 4" ($3)
  • 4 Washers, 8 Nuts ($2)
  • 1 Flat Bungee Cord 24" ($3)


  • Power drill
  • Drill bit

Step 1:
Drill 4 holes into the perimiter of the white laminated wood shelf. Holes on the back side should be about 1 inch from the edges, and the back-side holes should be offset about 8 inches in from the edge, as shown.

Step 2:
Insert bolts with washers on each side of the board, and screw on a nut to secure it to the board. You should have about 2 inches of bolt sticking out the bottom of your shelf board.

Step 3:
CAREFULLY attach the bungee cord. Tension can make this snap off, so be careful not to let kids play with this and watch out when building this yourself!

Step 4:
Place the board on a smooth surface and carefully adjust the tension of the bungee and height to ensure optimal bounce back from your pucks.

Step 5:
Optional styling - add blue and red electrical tape to simulate the look of a hockey rink. The lines also give you a visual target to aim at when trying to pass to the middle of the bungee cord. Add a custom hook to hang this board up in your garage for safe storage.

Safety Tip:
If you take this out on the ice, be sure to place some orange cones near it so that a skater sees it and does not skate into it and fall. A white shelf visually blends into white ice and is hard to see with your peripheral vision.

Have fun passing!

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