Get the most out of our mobile hockey apps

We create a variety of free apps that you can add directly to your device, or bookmark to your web browser of choice.

Bookmark to Home Screen

If you're using an Apple device:

  • Open the Safari app
  • Copy/Paste the web app's URL into the browser
  • Tap the sharing options icon (small box with up arrow)
  • Select "Add to Home Screen"

Adding this to your home screen will make it display just like a regular app, even though it's just a bookmark to our web app. Cool, right?!

Android users: The steps are similar, simply look for "Add page to" and then "Add to Home screen" in your Chrome browser.

Testing and Connecting

Make sure you're connected to the internet on your device.

  • Try to refresh the app, or remove it from your open apps and then re-open it
  • If you are still having issues, you can contact us via Facebook and describe what app you're trying to access, what device, browser, and any error messages you're seeing with the app.

Have App Ideas?

Send us a note on Facebook to let us know if there's a new app you'd like to see us build!